Creating a Simple Ballet Bun

Twistie hair pins are made of moulded steel and will stand up to years and years of daily wear. One Twistie does the work of an elastic band and 10 bobby pins - without the fuss, pulled hair or tight-hair headache. 

Putting your hair up has never been so simple. Keep one in your wallet for a last minute up-do! 

Make a simple ballet bun in seconds... no elastic, so fuss.

  • simply gather your hair into a high ponytail
  • twirl your ponytail and then wrap it into a bun
  • take a Twistie pin and hook a little bit of the bun and a little bit of the hair close to your scalp with the open end of the pin
  • as you turn the Twistie pin in a clockwise direction, you should feel your hair is being gathered scalp hair/bun hair with each turn

If you have very thick or long hair, use a second Twistie pin if you feel you need to anchor both sides.

Remember *Tighty Righty - Loosey Lefty* so twist the pin clockwise to get it in and anti-clockwise to take it out!
If you want a slick, very neat ballet bun, start with damp hair, wet your brush or use mouse.

No tension headaches, even with long, heavy hair.

Perfect for thick, thin, long and medium length hair.
For very heavy, thick or long hair, use 2 long Twistie pins.
For fine, thin or medium length hair, use 1 or 2 short Twistie pins.

A set of 4 Twistie Pins is $8.95. Free delivery at $15. 



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