Side and Waterfall Plaits

So romantic and feminine, this style looks stunning plaited softly.
When worn for a formal occasion such as a wedding or ball, this style leands itself to the easy addition of diamantes and/or flowers.
If you want a very neat ballet plait, start with damp hair and/or use mouse and hair spray.

No tension headaches, even with long, heavy hair.

Perfect for thick, thin, long and medium length hair.
For very heavy, thick or long hair, use 2 long Twistie pins.
For fine, thin or medium length hair, use 1 or 2 short Twistie pins.

$8.95 for a 4 pin set at

Original Twistie pins are made of moulded steel and will stand up to years and years of daily wear. One Twistie does the work of an elastic and 10 bobby pins - without the fuss, pulled hair or tight-hair headache.

Remember *Tighty Righty - Loosey Lefty* so twist the pin clockwise to get it in and anti-clockwise to take it out!



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