How to Hun Bun
The world of fashionable hair styles is overrun by complex designs like ladder braids, too sleek and perfected ballet buns with side fishtails, however, it seems the trend is moving away from tight and sculpted and towards effortlessly sexy.
The half bun, AKA, Hun, is the hottest way to style your luscious locks. It's simple and works for almost all hair, especially for those of us who are trying to grow out a fringe or just to cover up a bad hair day. This popular look is taking over the most famous heads of hair including Khloe Kardashian, Rita Ora and J. Lo. Even Britain's own Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is in on it! Hotties Jake Gyllenhaal, MGK, and Harry Styles are trying it out, and it looks just as good on them!!
Step 1: Separate the top section of your hair by running your fingers from your ears to the crown of your head (inverted-V shape). 
Step 2: Twist the section of hair into a twisted rope-like mini ponytail. 
Step 3: Wrap the twisted hair around in circles, as you would do for a normal full head bun, and tuck the end bits underneath the bun. 
Step 4: Using a Twistie Pin, use the open end and hook scalp-hair and bun-hair and twist clockwise all the way into the bun. 

for BEST results: 
  • The small Twistie Pins work best for hun buns, however, if you have very long and thick hair, you may need a long one. 
  • If you have layered hair, two Twistie Pins inserted on opposite sides of the hun bun will help to hold it firmly in place.
  • To take the Twistie Pin out, simply twist it anti-clockwise (the opposite way you twisted it in).
Now that you have acquired the skill of making a hun bun, you can twist to twin with the hottest and hippest fashion inspirations, every day of the week!

A set of 4 Twistie Pins is just $8.95.



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