Welcome to Hottie

Hottie® is an Australian lingerie, beach fashion and underwear retailer, established in Perth in 2004. Sexy knickers, exclusive clothing and basic cottons for her. Premium jocks for him.

Our high-quality, long wearing products reflect quintessential Aussie qualities. Hottie has a cheeky, beachy feel and a strong and sunny disposition. 

Hottie is Aussie-owned and operated. Over 80% of the products on this site are manufactured exclusively  for Hottie, and they are designed here in Australia by Melbourne-born Hottie founder Sirie Palmos.

Our gorgeous photo shoots are set on iconic Australian beaches, including the Twelve Apostles, Rottnest Island, Gold Coast and Scarborough Beach. Our Australian Hottie models include world record-holder and medal-winning Olympian Christian Sprenger; Samantha Downie, second runner-up in Australia's Next Top Model and voted Australia's Favourite Top Model; and Killer Karaoke host and Hollywood actress and photographer Tara Beaulieu.

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient delivery. Hottie uses AusPost for all deliveries, domestic and international, and all orders made prior to 4pm AEST are posted on the day they are received. Domestic postage has always been a flat $3 and free for orders over $35; express postage is also available.

Our Difference

Ensuring that Hottie gives back to the community is our way of adding value and satisfaction to our work. Hottie is part of the Australian community, and we believe Hottie will continue to grow as we invest in our community.

Hottie donates thousands of pairs of new, individually wrapped panties to women’s shelters and refuges around Australia every year. Hottie also contributes product and small monetary donations to cancer societies, school fundraisers and mental hospitals around Australia and internationally.

Promoting Positive Self-Esteem

Hottie believes a woman’s self-esteem is a major factor in her health and general well-being.  All Hottie Original products display a symbol sizing code, replacing traditional numeric sizing, which allows the buyer to be the only person to know the size of the garment.

No Itchy Tags

Hottie's original panties have done away with itchy, ugly apparel tags that ruin the look of your sexy lingerie. We print apparel information directly on the cotton gusset, so your size is always kept private, and there are never any embarrassing tags sticking up over your low-rise jeans. Hottie knows how to keep a secret: Purchase by selecting from Australian standard size numbers, but original panties, bras and sportswear use cute symbols on the product instead of the traditional numeric sizing. 

A Revolutionary and Potentially Life-Saving Idea

Order Hottie panties with health awareness reminders or co-branded messages printed directly on the cotton gusset. Get your body or lingerie-related message across when it's most effective: when women are getting dressed. For example, print the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon, toll-free number and the words "Check it out." Or, for a particularly timely reminder, print panties with "Don't forget the condom" and a helpline or advice URL.

Not only can these specialty panties be sold to raise money for charity, but the vital health awareness message is delivered to women at a time and place that is private and appropriate - before getting dressed or showering.